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Łukasz Łukaszewicz

Łukasz Łukaszewicz
TeamQuest CEO


Wioleta Godlewska
IT Recruiter

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TeamQuest is a createIT’s partner that provides IT recruitment services. So far, our cooperation has been flawless. Thanks to TeamQuest we have managed to successfully close recruitment processes for many positions, including Backend Symfony Developer as well as a warranty process for the same role.
The warranty process was conducted properly, and the hired candidate met our expectations. High response rate and solicitude in screening candidates meeting our expectations are the things that makes the company stand out. We can highly recommend TeamQuest as a reliable and solid partner in business. We wish our cooperation will be continued.

Julia Pawińska
Head of QA and Processes

We are very satisfied with TeamQuest services –the company provided us a complex support in highly technical recruitment. Finding a good employee these days it’s not an easy task. We have learnt this whilst expanding our team. TeamQuest supported us in the selection of the finest candidates available on the market, they understood our needs perfectly and provided us with a variety of candidates to choose from. The whole process was conducted with maintaing the highest standards and with use of innovative recruitment tools.
The verification of candidates was very accurate which significantly shortened the recruitment process.

Vivian Chaoul
HR Manager ME & Europe

Kamil Pacuk

Kamil Pacuk
Senior IT Recruiter

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recruitment.process = quick

You can get your first relevant CV from us in just 72 hours.

And although we know that the search for new talents in the IT industry is an ever-growing challenge, we have a solution. We know how to interest, encourage and recruit the best candidate for our client. With us, you can speed up and facilitate the recruitment process without lowering the quality of employment.


market.attitude = real

Real IT Professionals in real time for real salary.

With us, you will find real candidates with proven experience. We will share with you the real situation on the labor market and advise you on what you can do to recruit the best IT specialists in Poland. At the same time, we will offer candidates the best experience during the recruitment process.

Justyna Maroszczyk
Senior IT Recruiter


Dominika Wieczorkowska
IT Recruiter

Step 1. Customer Needs Survey

Before we start, we do an in-depth analysis of the Client’s needs. Based on our experience and in cooperation with the Client we prepare the profile of the ideal candidate.

Step 2. Database research

We start research in our database firstly. We have over 56.000 up-to-date CVs of IT Professionals from Poland.

Step 2a. Aquiring new candidates from market

At the same time, we begin a direct search using a complex variety of tools including targeted job ads in different social media channels.

Step 3. Short list + backup list

After finding and contacting perfectly fitting candidates we prepare a shortlist of three. However, we always have a backup list in case of not reaching an agreement.

Step 4. Process management

Our recruiter is your partner in the process. He/she makes appointments, prepares reports for HR and provides the candidate the best possible experience in the process.


set contract(simple);

We provide simple contracts with basic rules of cooperation. Transparency is one our core values.

if recruitment = = success then pay(fee);

We work on the success fee. You do not risk anything. Only if you hire our candidate, you will pay 17% of the candidate’s yearly wage.

warranty = days (90);

We provide you 3 months of warranty. If a hired person leaves or is fired in this period we find you another employee free of charge.

minimize {recruitment.time};

Our goal is to minimize the time from signing a contract to hire. It’s about money. Your money!

Rafał Drozd,
Head of Sales

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Robert Grabowski

Robert Grabowski
TeamQuest Partner

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